Where can I find free woodworking plans?

Jim Asked: Where can I find free woodworking plans?

I am a woodworking hobbyist and I am interested in finding woodworking plans (preferably cheap or free).I have built basic bookcases, a fireplace mantle, and various other projects in the past.I would like to build a cabinet for a sharpening station as one of the things I want to make.



Ron Answered:
I have been pretty successful doing yahoo (or google) search using woodworking plans or similar terms.One of the sites where I found some interesting stuff is http://woodworkingplansforfree.net which has some plans (although you need to dig a little to find them).There are also some videos and other stuff.I also eventually purchased the Ted's Plan (advertised everywhere) as there are so many plans included for one cost that is was worth it to me.


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