How can I find plans for a harp guitar or acoustic guitar?

John Asked: How can I find plans for a harp guitar or acoustic guitar?

I've been playing guitar for about 3 years and have gotten pretty good at it. I recently became interested in the playing the harp, but unfortunately I can't afford to pay thousands of dollars for one. I heard about harp guitars which sound like a perfect alternative to getting a harp because not only would it be cheaper, it's also a lot easier to carry around, and would allow me to play guitar as well. However, no local music stores sell harp guitars, and the only ones I could find online cost thousands of dollars, and as with the harp I can't afford to pay that much for it.

That's why, instead of buying a harp guitar I'd like to try to make one. I'm sure it will be difficult and it might not turn out that well, but it seems like it would be worth a shot and would be fun to do. I'm not very experienced with woodworking, but if I have trouble my dad is very experienced with it and I'm sure he would be able to help me out. He also has a very vast collection of tools that he'd allow me to use.

Where can I find some plans for a harp guitar? If I'm unable to find any I might be able to make some by modifying plans for an acoustic guitar, I would much prefer to find harp guitar plans though. I've noticed that there are many videos on youtube that show someone building an acoustic guitar, and there are even a few videos of people making harp guitars. I can also probably find plenty of information on how to make an acoustic guitar online. Unfortunately that probably won't be enough so I need some plans so I know what parts I need to make, the proper dimensions for all of the parts, and the best type of wood to use for each part.

Also, how expensive will it be to make a harp guitar? Wood probably won't be a problem for me because I have a lot and it won't be too much to get more, although i suppose it could if I need to use a more expensive type. I'd like to make one that would look a lot like this: with somewhere around 20 strings. How much would it cost for all of the tuning pegs, frets, bridge, levers, and saddle? I know I could get guitar strings for the guitar part of the harp guitar, but what sort of strings would I use for the rest and how much would it be to get those?


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