Can you recommend free woodworking ideas & plans, Thanks!?

Martin Cole Asked: Can you recommend free woodworking ideas & plans, Thanks!?

I a new wood worker beginner. I really need some woodworking ideas and plans to begin with.

Anyone here can suggest some free woodworking ideas & plans?

Thanks a lot!


dustcloud Answered:
Bird houses are always a good start.Do a websearch for bird house plans that will net you a few options.

Mona Seifer Answered:
hi martin….

Let's me help you….Just spend in a very little money but you will get a lot of wood working projects, believe me!!!!!…There is over 12,000 sheds plan and wood working projects. I can feel you will enjoy to try it on.

I would like to share something about wood working plans.Dont worry if you are not professional because there will be a video guidelines for youAlso you can choose a lot of wood working plans.from the coffee table to the musical box Quite a lot of project you can do.Feel free to visit my blog.Hope will get the best answer there. All the best from me



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