Where can i buy rustic cherry lumber?

Danny Lee Asked: Where can i buy rustic cherry lumber?

I have no knowledge of woodworking or d.I.y. wood projects but I want to make a magnetic knife rack and while researching it I found out that I need cherry hardwood or lumber. I would prefer rustic cherry because i figure it would look nicer than a plain block of wood would look. Do they sell this kind of wood at lowes or home depot?Can I just buy a 24" long slab of it at the hardware store or do they make you buy a whole long piece of wood?


Jeff D Answered:
I'm not sure what you mean by "rustic cherry" (vs. "cherry"), but most home stores have a limited selection of hardwoods.If by "slab" you mean 1" finished stock (3/4" actual), then they might have a few pieces.For anything exotic, long, thick or in quantity you'll have to go somewhere that specializes in hardwoods (usually a local lumberyard or sawmill).For a smallish, single piece (where shipping charges won't be excessive) you might even look online (woodworkerssource.com for example).

XTX Answered:
=== look in your area for a specialty lumber and hardware store== you might be able to find mahogany or oak that can be stained to cherry=== you might also look in the Lowe's etc. for a shelf wood that you can use that is already stained aand you add the magnetics

SieglindeDieNibelunge Answered:
Try this site:


they sell wood (including salvaged antique wood) to DIY people for various projects. You could also do better at a lumber yard than at a Home Depot (not sure about Lowe's). Their wood types are limited and usually the sizes and quality are too.

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