Woodworking/Furniture stain?

Jake Gambo Asked: Woodworking/Furniture stain?

Okay so I am making a piece of furniture and I am done with everything i just have to stain it. The customer who I am making this for said that to match her other furniture it has to be stained dark brown, almost black. I am 20 and just getting my carpentry business off the ground and this is a major purchase and this would be a huge lift for me. Judging by the pictures she has showed me, her furniture is dark walnut or dark cherry im not sure. Which one is darker? I am extremely thankful for anyone who helps me! thank yo!


steve w Answered:
Well Walnut will certainly look " darker",but depending on the wood its on, this will vary.
It sounds like you are asking for trouble without getting an exact sample from her.Cherry and Walnut are two different spectrums here.
So what we used to do in the piano restoration biz is have them come in for a color match.
You have samples of scrap boards, hopefully of similar wood, premade up for her to pick.Have her "sign-off" on the approval on a document.If you dont do this,I guarantee you, if not her,thensomeone else will make you re-do it,which may be impossible do to the nature of the design etc.
But as far as the actual staining.You may need to use aniline dyes,stains,grain filler , glazes and spray stain to make it what she wants.
If it's light wood and tight grain,you for sure will be dyeing, spray staining to get it dark.Solid wood will be much harder than veneers to get correct and evenly colored.

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