I need some help with my 4-H projects?

epcotexpert Asked: I need some help with my 4-H projects?

So I JUST finished this years fair…and I want to get a big head start on next years, since I'll be gone a lot…and busy. I'm in the grades 9 and up category for everything, which is kinda important. I know I'll be doing Photography, and what I'll be doing for it, but I'm trying to think for sure what I should do otherwise. Here are my ideas.

Either a dog/cat poster: ideas? I have cats at home…no dogs.
Woodworking: ideas?
foods: I'm thinking of muffins. And at least two other things. ideas? I'm a pretty experienced cook.

These are the ones I'm really thinking about…but arts & crafts or drawing/painting might be in there too. Any ideas for any of my categories?


Lori Ali Lee Answered:
Well Posters are a good idea!
Ask to take pictures of your neighbors, friends, and family pets.
Im sure they are willing to help you! They will probably even pick out the best ones.
Woodworking is a little tougher are you a boy or girl? it would be nice to see bird houses and nice wood painted vases and frames.
try doing something a little bit easier like origami or maybe do jewelry
food: well pineapple upside down cakes & cupcakes, mini pies, even banana nut bread is good! mmmmmmmmm
well ….. arts and crafts…… you could always make felt smellers….
take some felt, ribbon, cotton balls, cool buttons and beads, hot glue, and some good smelling perfume, and design a really good felt smeller!!!!even have your own, make your own packages!

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