Working Wood 1: The Artisan Course with Paul Sellers (DVD). WOODWORKING ESSENTIALS 2

Woodworking Essentials 2 (1hr 27min DVD) teaches you the crucial elements to successful joinery, as well as the essential tools and techniques. In this 1hr 27min DVD, Paul shows you how to make The Three Joints™ — the joints you will need throughout your woodworking life — and demonstrates their application in every area of fine woodworking. Few woodworkers explore the creative sphere of hand tool joinery, yet many strive to create the superlative designs this aspect of woodworking allows. Paul Sellers has successfully trained thousands of woodworkers through a simple step-by-step curriculum developed to restore the art of hand-cut joinery for woodworkers of any background and all skill levels. Paul explores the historical context of joinery, showing its use in historic buildings, including Penrhyn Castle's internal structure and furniture, as well as immigrant ships that journeyed to the USA. Woodworking Essentials 2 introduces steps that guarantee perfect joints every time — joints that last for centuries. Mastering the housing dado, dovetail, and mortise and tenon joints begins by understanding the function and use of ten basic hand tools. Paul shows you how to use them to their fullest potential and demonstrates the construction of each joint in exactly the same way he teaches his students and apprentices. The art of joint making enables woodworkers to expand their work, yet many woodworkers feel intimidated by the joint-making process. As a lifelong woodworker and <b>…</b>