woodworking studio for rent?

Jane Asked: woodworking studio for rent?

hello, i am interested in getting into woodworking but live in an apartment.
are there places where I can pay to use a studio of tools for a few hours or something like that?
perhaps a school or something?
i'm in nyc


Brandon LLoyd 84 Answered:
go on craigslist.com not yahoo answers.

Mike1942f Answered:
One of my fond dreams is finding (or even founding) a membership workshop like that offered at my first college or the craft center in the Army. It is a question of organization and liability and they seem to be few and far between, although there is a lapidary group that comes close here in Dallas.
I would suggest looking up Craft Guilds and woodworking classes and see if the people that offer them have an ongoing operation that lets you do work.

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