Woodworking Project Plans / Project woodworking

www.TheBestGuide1.com You can draw a simple picture of the project. Don't worry about measurements or scales just yet.You have to focus more on mapping out the aesthetic bits. Beginning is the real plan. Draw the front angle of the project in the center of the page. Each piece of wood should have its own defined lines and should be to scale. Use the ruler to measure and make straight lines so that the plans are to scale with the actual project. Write on the outside of each line what the real measurement will be. You can give label in the middle of the drawing "FRONT," after finished. Repeat for the top,back, bottom, and sides. To avoid confusion, draw the "sides" right next to the "front" on the page. Draw the "top" just above the top of the "front" and the "bottom" just below it. The image should look as if the center image was flipped. This composition will give you an idea of where the parallel lines are, and where the correlating angles and cuts are and will just give the whole drawing a better sense of organization and order. Draw a mark for every nail and a mark for every screw and a mark for every use of glue. You can make sure each implement has its own unique drawing. To learn more about woodworking project, please visit our website: www.TheBestGuide1.com