Woodworking ideas/plans?

Meagan Castro Asked: Woodworking ideas/plans?

I have done a lot of woodworking and I am running out of ideas. I have made a lot of things including tables, shelves and even a gumball machine.
I need some new plans so if u would put a link in the answer or give me an idea that would be great, thanks!


Dinah Grimm Answered:
If you are looking for new woodworking ideas for making various pieces of furniture, check this woodworking plans


Beef Pork Answered:
Well, the next step is cabinetry, which is the hardest type of woodworking to do.

Years ago, my father made a wooden fence built so that you slipped the wooden sections over wooden posts.He did that so he could mow the grass under the fence.It looked like a picket fence, but parts of it could be removed.It was really clever.

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