Woodworking: How do I make my own recipe box?

epcotexpert Asked: Woodworking: How do I make my own recipe box?

I'm working for my woodworking project for the fair next year…and I'm kinda stumped. I KNOW already that I want to make a recipe box..and I'm making two of them. One for my recipe box for Foods, and one for woodworking. I have a couple ideas already in mind. I want the box to have a stand on top to put the card on when working…and have it able to fold down. It also has to be a fairly wide recipe box, but pretty thin. I don't have too many recipes to put in it.

Anyway, I kinda have an idea of what I want it to look like..but I have NO idea how to make it. Basically…I kinda want it to look like the following link…but with a few changes.


I like the top on this one…and how it can fold down, but yet stand up to be used. Then the recipes I have would be stored below…in a drawer feature.

Does anyone have some help? Or at least some instructions on how I might do this?


Jason Answered:
You mite be able to find some plans http://www.woodmagazine.com/

Plays with Squirrels Answered:
There are many ways to make a wooden box. If you have access to a woodshop at your high school, this could be very easy.

Here's a link to a plan…

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