Wiring to a work shop?

Dwayne Asked: Wiring to a work shop?

What size wire do I need for service to a workshop. I will need to go through attic and under ground. Total about 130 ft.. I will need to run a 30 amp Rv traveltrailer and small woodworking tools; table,mitre saw,small a/c, light,etc.Thank you


Aaron A Answered:
Just add a new 100 amp panel to support the garage this would require 2Gauge wire/Stranded Aluminum

TrekkerScout Answered:
For a basic workshop, I usually recommend a 60 amp sub panel.#6 copper or #4 aluminum is usually adequate (if you use TW or UF conductors you would need to increase the wire size by one standard size).While the size would be more than adequate for your current anticipated use, you would have plenty of reserve for possible expansion in the future without worrying about overloading the system.

Kenneth Answered:
I assume you are using 230 volt Single Phase ??…If so.. No. 6 would probqably be ok as long as everything doesn't try to start at once…But No. 4Would be better…

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