who else has social anxiety and is still happy?

Renegade99 Asked: who else has social anxiety and is still happy?

iam an introverted guy, 21 years.

i guess i have mild social anxiety because i tend to stay away from social encounters!, i usually stay away from places if i know i will be going to interact with people especially strangers. ( ie , shops, juice bars, sports clubs, gyms, places where i know i will be confronted with chit chat)

i guess the reason why iam happy with having social anxiety is because my introverted side likes it! I enjoy sitting home on weekend nights just watching TV and going to bed early so i can get up early and work on woodworking projects all day ( i am a carpenter) then after the weekend i enjoy working all week 10 hours a day

mind you i do enjoy going out to clubs and party's once in a while and in those situations i am very extroverted.

but they are a rare occasion since their is barley any people that i know and i would consider friends as i have practically 0 friends, the only people who txt me on occasions is my dad, and my ex gf…..alot of people would say this is "sad"

i tend to have a hard personality to get along with as i don't let people get near my REAL personality, and if they do i tend to drift from people or drive people away. Perhaps iam afraid of judgment.

just some thoughts i wanted to share. feel free to add something commenting on what i have said or just sharing how you have found harmony with your mind.


janeway Answered:
I think the important thing to remember is that we're all different and we all live our lives how we want to and – hopefully – in the way that makes us most happy. I was painfully shy for many years at school and even later at college. As a consequence of that I made few friends and found myself getting more interested in solitary pursuits at home, such as painting, reading, writing and other craft-oriented hobbies. I made an 'effort' to be more sociable a few years ago and went out with a group of people but I really didn't like it and found myself longing to be back at my apartment. I do get lonely sometimes but in general I'm happier alone and with my own company. Some people will view this as sad or abnormal but I've learnt it is just how I am and I enjoy it 🙂

Bella Answered:
As long as you're happy, then everything is fine. I don't have social anxiety, I'm a social butterfly and I have a number of very dear friends. I'm sure your real personality is beautiful. Do as you feel, don't put any pressure on yourself to conform or anything, just be your beautiful self.

TVR Answered:
Social anxiety is when you fear social situations (even leaving the house can be hard), a lot of socially anxious people want to be social but are too terrified to do it. I don't think you have social anxiety at all, you just made a life choice.

Kathryn Answered:
You sound like my soulmate.

Nick Answered:
just don't let it control your life and prevent you from doing things you enjoy

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