What’s the best method to replace dry rot wood?

David Asked: What’s the best method to replace dry rot wood?

The front fascia board on my home, where the rain gutters attach, has some soft, dry rot areas that I need to replace prior to installing new gutters. Can I just cut out the bad areas and splice in some new lengths of wood or is there a better method?

I have construction and woodworking skills/tools, so ability isn't an issue. I just want to make sure I do it properly.


florida fan Answered:
Yes, seem you have the right idea, you might want to prime both sides 1st.Good Luck

HANDI MAN Answered:
The best way is to take down a complete board. This gives it more strength when attaching the gutter. But, you could just cut out small sections. You would probably need to add some backing to nail to. It is hard to make spliced sections fit you rafters.

Waynes Works Answered:
You can, but I recommend replacing the entire facia board (joint to joint). The more seams you have, the more access points for moisture. Get the board cut to fit (compound mitres are best at joints), then prime the wood with 2 coats an oil base primer at the joints. Install the facia with galvanized nails, using exterior glue at the joints. If your joints are not very pretty, apply bondo and sand smooth. Now you are ready for priming/painting the finished board. Always use oil base primer on new wood that is dry and free from moisture. Your finish coat can be either oil or latex.

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