what now? questions from a former cannabis farmer?

Sean Oneill Asked: what now? questions from a former cannabis farmer?

i'm an almost 40 year old guy.i've been a stay at home dad for the past 3 years and i need to do something else.

a little history.i used to be a criminal.not a scary criminal, just a cannabis farmer.then i met an amazing women and we had a child together.i stopped being a criminal because she asked.i am still an ardent supporter of the cannabis culture, i just happen to not have very much to do with it.i find myself in the situation of being overly qualified in a field that i can not be a part of, therefor i must branch out.
since my conversion to "normal" society i have taken many courses…masonry, woodworking, permaculture, small business, biology, physics…non intrigue me to the point of career, i love them all but i still just want to grow cannabis…preferably legally but that is a long shot and unlikely to become a reality therefor a non option…
i've thought about buying a chip truck…i would like some random solicited thoughts and i will consider all job offers from people who need an ex-drug dealer's/grower's experience (which is diverse) in a legal realm…


david Answered:
Maybe find a place where you can do what you like to do. Not sure where that is though. But I assume you wouldn't want to leave your family so that might be out of the question. Not sure, if Ron Paul wins the next election you might have a good shot at doing what you love.

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