What kind of career would you recommend for me?

Anonymous Asked: What kind of career would you recommend for me?

This is just suggestions, because I'm having trouble figuring out what I want to go into.
Here's some info about me:
15 years old, and I live in Alberta.
Currents grades(before final exam)
Math 10 – 59%
English 10 – 78%
Social 10 – 81%
Science 10 – 83% (I don't mind chemistry and biology, but I hate physics)

Media (Adobe Photoshop/In Design etc. class) – 94%
Construction (Woodworking) – 83%

Based on these grades, what field would you recommend for me?


Joshua Gray Answered:
Computer, software designer.

Apple Brady 12 Answered:
Your grades seem to reflect someone who is fairly creative and enjoys design.However, your math grades are low and you don't care for physics so that puts most engineering jobs out.Your English (and assuming composition) grade is low as well so let's axe the notion of creative writing and journalism.I'd say you're on track as a skilled worker perhaps in news media, graphic arts, or possibly computer gaming but all of those require a degree.

Are your grades low because you do not understand those topics or are they because you don't do the assignments and homework?If you are smart but lazy, take more time in 11th grade to get your grades back up to A's and B's.Consider taking a summer course if those topics are truly difficult for you.With better grades, more white collar employment fields will open up to you.

catie408 Answered:
The construction industry is so slow. The way the economy is you would be crazy to take that leap unless you are well connected. In construction you really have to be a great sales person as well as have an unbelievable product these days. The problem you may run into is that people want to see what you have done and want references. Good look choosing a path in life.

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