What job is suitable for my daughter?

Anna Asked: What job is suitable for my daughter?

Well, I'm a bit nervous because of my daughter's interests. She is very talented in art, she does sketch, ceramics, woodworking, pastel, watercolor, oil painting, but esp. oil painting. She can be very formal when she needs to be however, if she's unfamiliar w/ someone she can be very secretive and unwilling to give out any information esp. to my business partners and tutoring teachers. (she does warm up to people after 2 weeks or so…) She is very cheerful, honest and it seems like parents and students like her. (except for the really strict teachers for some reason) She can be very annoying sometimes cause she talks a lot if ur very close to her and sometimes she can be oblivious to people's feelings, like compliments but people interpret it in a bad way when she doesn't mean to. Her math, english, and history is excellent except her grammar, sports, and science. If it means anything, she has an astounding sense of smell and she knows a lot about people's personalities by looking at them. Note: the psychologist says she does not like little children because she doesn't like to be reminded of her childhood. (She REALLY hates kids)


Trey Stone Answered:
She could be a pole dancer or a prostitute in Thailand.

Hannah Harley Answered:
Artist, if she's good enough she won't have to be too personable, but it would be good to start cultivating her social manners. Historian even?

NL Answered:
Lots of jobs for those like her. Design either in IT/graphics, interior, advertising sectors or the very obvious and artist/painter. There are artists who get very rich by selling their artwork. One of my neighbour is actual an artist with police dept.

One question though, how can her English language be excellent if she's poor in grammar?

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