What hobby should I do?

Nick Asked: What hobby should I do?

I'm thirteen and really interested in woodworking, but my parents say it's to dangerous, so now I need to think of a new hobby.


Ricky Nai Answered:
You can collect items. Be it stamps or anything. I collect miniature airplane models.

Keaton Banks Answered:
Taxidermy is a fine hobby for the brightest of chaps. For the unaware, taxidermy is the delicate art of preparing and stuffing animal corpses in poses, for use as decorations. The trick is to use only animals you yourself have killed for the purpose of positioning in top hats. I recommend neighborhood cats, as it both a) gets them off the street and b) you can offer to sell the beautiful, preserved and stuffed diorama of their beloved pet to the previous owners! That way you both make money and practice your craft. Not only that, but when your parents see how good you are with all the little tools and knives and needles necessary, as well as the embalming liquid (keeps the corpse from rotting. Also dangerous in your eye, personal experience), they'll trust you more and more with other hobbies! Start with a friendly neighborhood kitty and move up to full sized dogs such as your neighbour's german shepherd!


Ajay Adhikari Answered:
why don't you try playing games.they are really good.thank you

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