Undecided Question: How to inlet a gun stock?

Clay Asked: Undecided Question: How to inlet a gun stock?

Can anyone please help me to inlet this stock blank i have I've never done one and I don't know what I need. I have been woodworking for over 10 years now so I'm not new to that I've also been doing custom stock work and would like to expand to to doing everything from a blank. Any help would be much appreciated and thank you for your time.


Go to the Brownell's website and look at their gunsmithing tools for stock makingYou'll find a number of tools that will make your life easier, including a stock inletting tool.

Actually, inletting a stock is relatively simple. But you do it with epoxy. First, most stocks are roughly inletted for specific guns. The usual process is to contact the stock makers and tell them the action and barrel you have and they will send you a stock that will accept the barreled action. But the fit will be a bit loose. So the first thing to do is check the fit. Then get an epoxy bedding kit (Brownells is the source for this). You mix the epoxy and put it in the stock on those areas where the metal will contact the wood. Be sure to put the release agent on the metal so the stock and barreled action can be separated. You probably want to "free float" the barrel…which means the barrel channel shouldn't contact the barrel to prevent the wood from warping and pressing against the barrel and affect accuracy. With the release agent on the metal parts, and the epoxy liberally applied to the inletted portions of the stock, put the barreled action into the stock and tighten the stock screws. Wipe off all extruded epoxy. Go to sleep. The next day carefully remove the stock from the barreled action. You should find an exact fit with the hardened expoxy perfectly mating to the barreled action. There are some good books out on stock making, checkering ( which is kind of fun) and they will discuss inletting and bedding a stock. Enjoy.

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