Tools needed for a motorcycle kit?

Michael Asked: Tools needed for a motorcycle kit?

So I'm interested in buying a motorcycle kit since everyone says they come with everything you need to put them together. I'm kinda hesitant to get one since I don't really have any metalworking tools. I've never done any welding or anything like that. Just woodworking. Do I need to have welding tools or anything if I buy the kit to put it together?


Adam Stein Answered:
just buy a good set of open end and box wrenches,with a socket set. and a set of tire irons. also there is a nifty little gadget to lube cables without taking the sheath off.[cable luber] along with those tire irons a 55 gallon drum with inner tube around the open edge. [tire changing station.] Motion Pro makes a carb synchronizer that You could get. Pretty much the same as a car with some specialty tools added.

Candid Chris Answered:
Different bikes require different size tools so you'll need to figure out the sizes most needed for your bike for any carry-along tool kit. Keep it as simple as possible, e.g- a combo 8 &10mm, a combo 12 & 14mm … etc. Pliers and a multi- Phillips-tipped screwdriver.
Forget any welding sh!t, you pay a pro to take care of any of those jobs!
For more in-depth work on the bike you buy the tools needed as need be.

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