The Hawk Circle Small Timber Frame

This is a short video about a small timber frame our Apprentices built this past August/early September, from 6×6 eastern hemlock. We cut these frames using hand tools that are mostly heirloom chisels, saws, axes and mallets, and the pegs are hand carved from local hardwoods of oak, maple or ash. This frame was created using traditional timberframed building designs, for strength, long life, aesthetics and feeling. It is perfect for a retreat cabin, or a small livestock barn, a woodworking shop, a garden shed, storage or even an artist studio. We are selling it to support our apprentice program, as a frame, for $2600 plus a nominal delivery charge. This includes the raising as a community event, if desired, and all hardwood pegs, and the frame as shown. We are available to do the roof, siding, flooring and doors and windows, if needed. Some people like to do this work themselves, but if you are interested in us doing it, we would install an 1 1/2 inch hemlock floor, one inch hemlock siding with battens and three inch corner boards, and a 1 inch hemlock board roof, with basic shingles, drip edge and felt paper underlayment. We would install a chosen door frame to your dimensions, and build a door out of siding wood, and basic hinges and latches. The cost for this would be approximately $1800 to 2400, depending on the materials you request/choose. We would also install and trim any windows or doors that you choose, to create a finished cabin. We can install insulation as <b>…</b>