Jig System for Woodworking

This video demonstrates the functionality of the "Universal Self-Centering Jig System" Developed and built by Antonio Vizoso (Patent Pending). This system uses a combination of rotatable platform table and individual jigs which are custom made to securely attach to the table enabling the system to aid in the multiple uses of a Horizontal Drill, a Horizontal and Vertical Router and a Bisquit Joiner. Any brand of these electric power tools can be used. The applications shown here include creating aligned holes for joining two pieces of wood with both dowels as well as bisquits, creating grooves, tongue and grooves, and molding. The jig system also works with commercial saw tables. These jigs allow applications on pieces of wood ranging in thickness between 5/8" to 6". Any length can be used. grooves can be made between 1" to 18" apart. For further inquiries please email the inventor at Antonio.Vizoso@gmail.com.