Is it possible to build a bicycle made from wood?

Dominator Asked: Is it possible to build a bicycle made from wood?

I am a student in a senior high-school woodworking class and I am very determined to make my final wood shop project to be a bicycle, made of wood.I have one semester (roughly 5 months) to build this project and I want to know if it is even possible to do.All design will be done be me personally, however I need help as to ideas to construct a pedaling mechanism without using a metal chain.I want it to be 100% out of wood (if possible).Also I need wooden wheel ideas and a way to use back brakes (Without the "Fred Flinstone" way).Any help is extremely appreciated


dustin Answered:
scroll down just a bit here.. you will see one that was made of wood and a little idea as to how he did it

John M Answered:
There have be may bikes made from wood but a 100% one would not be ride able.

Bicycle Bill Answered:
Schwinn makes a bike out of flax fiber.It promises to be as strong and flexible as carbon fiber, and much more environmentally friendly.

intrepidfae Answered:
Look at the Renovo web site to see some gorgeous bike frames made from wood. I've seen one in person and it was pure artistry. These bikes use ordinary components for the drive train, though.


wle Answered:
wood wheels are what bikes started with
for good reason, they moved on
but it can be done

they had no gears or chain though
drive was direct like a tricycle, still metal not wood

you could drive the front wheel directly from wood cranks and pedals
top speed would be about 7mph though

you could make wood gears and chain but there are hundreds of parts in a chain

what about rope and pulleys?

it;s not really possible to buidl anytthing practical
it would wear out too soon and be too much hand labor to build [ too $$$$ to sell]

what about tires?

people make bamboo bikes now
of course that is just the frame

and there is a company renovo that makes wood #####$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ bikes
just the frames i think

brakes are going to be tough without rubber
wood just doesn;t have much friction

maybe make it a 'fixie', that would aid in braking some
though the cranks then have to be stronger, and attach to the shoes

bearing also are tough
wood isn;t really very strong for very compressed loads that also have to be low friction
but it would last a few miles


Old Hippie Answered:
Google "bamboo bicycle".It's done all the time.No chain?Don't see a way of getting around that.You're still going to need a certain amount of metal parts in any bicycle.

SoccerRefToo Answered:

Yes. You have already found out about ALL wood bikes, Natural fiber and epoxy frames, and of course the bamboo bike. The question is how functional you want the bike to be. As a piece of art, an all wood bike would be pretty cool. BUT, as a rider, it would not function competitively with its commercial counter parts. If you want a functional wood bike, like the bamboo bike… you will need to merge wood with traditional components.

Yes, wood has ben used in bike frames for decades. In fact, there are still automobile frames made from wood! I drove and raced a Lotus Super 7 which was an all wood frame. It was very strong and light! I could carry the frame hanging over a shoulder like a computer case.!


harry80 Answered:

Nothing is impossible if you want to do it…. even a car canbuild used a wood, what more bicycle…

Anyway please visit my blog, hope there is something you can get for the tip of building your dream bicycle


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