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Things that are different in this illustration model than actual plans for conctruction: 1. First, the disclaimer, the intent of this video is for illustration of concepts. None of the information contained in the video model is intended to communicate requirements. Contract terms govern. Any deviation from those terms must be ratified via contract modification (change order), including the statements below. 2. Height of ceiling in Living Room (LR) and resulting configuration of LR walls may need to be lower than illustrated based on requirements of the roof truss manufacturer. This would result in actual construction with a shallower arch and/or less space between headers and the wall projection above them than illustrated at MB and Guest Bedroom (GB) doorways. 3. Care was made to show proper base on walls throughout house, generally on finished drywall only, not in closets, not on granite or stone, not on the tiled roman tub surround in MB, but should be used on the tiled walls in GB bath outside the shower. 4. Crown molding is shown in the illustration but is not in the contract. That's for me to do. I want a part of this house to be something that I will have done, and I need a woodworking project after I retire anyway. 5. Kitchen (Kit) granite displayed in model is taken from images of a single slab of "Magma" (as named on the web site cited by granite supplier, aka "Magma Leather" shown on other web sites. Selection of particular granite and matching of pattern at <b>…</b>