How To Make Wood Coasters With High School Students Fall 2011

Someone did not check spelling on the word coasters in the video. Please read all down below. Berthoud High School students in Mr. Robb Sommerfeld's Construction 1 class made a woodworking tutorial for the Plan of Procedure for the coasters. The wood is harvested from the local forest and milled into posts. Some of the wood used on the various projects comes from: culled lumber, orcan come from deconstructed structures in the local area by the National Center for Craftsmanship. The students learn about how to do wood working sustainably. All of the students in Construction 1 are beginning wood workers and have had two weeks at the beginning of the semester to work on this project. This includes learning about Plan of Procedure, storyboards, Flip digital video camera use, digital video editing and uploading. All of this combines to make for rich experiential learning. STUDENTS!!! READ THIS!!!! What kind of wood used? Bring miter saw blade down slowly and lock it off so you are not using the slide!!!! Set depth gauge for drill halfway down into the last coaster. DO NOT sand the side with the disc sander. HAND SAND just a little to take off splinters. Put oil on with rag and rub in on edges and sides. This is not shown in this video. Pay attention to the width of the miter saw blade 1/8". It will factor into your measurements because if you need a piece to be cut at 3/4" you need to remember the blade needs to be accounted for, or your cut will be 5/8". This means your piece <b>…</b>