How talk to a shy boy? (Need advices so bad!)?

Mary Mama Asked: How talk to a shy boy? (Need advices so bad!)?

I've seen this guy around my school, let's call him Connor. He's very invisible to everyone that he only have 4 friends with him and 6 friends on facebook. He's very shy that he avoids people and hide during break or lunch time. I've known him since I was in grade 8 but I actually took a interest in him when I was grade 9-10. I'm in grade 11 now and he's in grade 12 now. I developed my feel toward him. I caught lot of signs that he want to talk to me.

When I looked at him, he was looking me. When I walk by him, we made a eye contact. When I smile at him, he smile back.

One time in woodworking, he actually took a paper and pencil to chat with me (I'm deaf). He stood up because my table was front of him then he looked at me, he was so tempted to move forward but he was like "screw it" and sat back down. He stayed silence for the whole class. Even though Connor and I was the only one in the classroom while other was in other room doing projects.

How do I start a chat with him? His locker is right across from mine so I thought that I should tap on his back and wave sometimes.. should I? I'm stuck! 🙁 I would love to get know Connor better.


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