How can I turn my built-in dishwasher into a portable one?

Joshua Underwood Asked: How can I turn my built-in dishwasher into a portable one?

I was recently given a slightly used dishwasher but I have no counter space for it, so I decided I would just convert it to a portable one. I have all the hoses and everything to make it functional but there is no cabinet. Not only is it ugly, but you can't open the door without it falling over. Are there any pre-built cabinets or anything to help counter balance the door? I don't have access to woodworking tools, so building one is out of the question.


HELEN Answered:
would have thought the dimensions would be pretty standard, so you should be able to buy a kitchen unit carcass so it can sit safely.

Alan Answered:
Hi Joshua. Converting it to a portable one is (as you've already discovered) not going to be an easy fix. Yes, it can be done, but you would have to make your own counterweights, remove the leveling feet and replace them with wheels, hook up longer electrical cords and plumbing hoses, etc. etc. etc. Then, you would still need to make some sort of cabinet as none of them come with full cabinets since they are designed to go under counters. So all in all, yes it CAN be done, but it's going to be a lot of work, a fair amount of cost, and a new portable unit will save you a LOT of headaches if you aren't handy to begin with. It would be a fun project for someone who IS handy, but not very practical.

Daniel K Answered:
With my limited amount of experience, a used dishwasher rarely works very good.Consider the time it takes to hook everything up and wheel it into position–you could have hand washed half the stuff already.If it is slightly used it may be because it only works slightly.I used to have a unit that was more of a dishwetter than a dishwasher.

chris Answered:
Here ya go!
Hope it works out!

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