From Milk Jug to Tool Cover

In this woodworking shop tip video recyclable plastic, in this case a plastic milk jug, is used to make a plastic tool cover for a chisel. A well-equipped workshop has all kinds of tools with sharp edges or other characteristics that can benefit from a plastic cover to protect both the tool and people. This video shows the workshop operator or woodworker how to make a plastic protective cover for a tool, in this case a common carpentry chisel. There are options on the market that can be used, but this one is cheap, as you've already paid for the milk jug when you bought the milk and requires literally only a few minutes of your time to make a functional plastic cover to protect the tool. Plus it is another way to keep some of this plastic out of landfills and give it a new lease on life — so to speak. Dogwood Tales Custom Woodworks Where every project is a story unto itself. Featured music used with permission is by Carl Clark Music Copyright © 2011 Dogwood Tales LLC