Eric Huber, You’re a Season 4 Everyday Edison!

Edison Nation CEO, Louis Foreman, tells inventor Eric Huber, he's been chosen for Season 4 of "Everyday Edisons!" Eric Huber has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As early as 8 years old, he began coming up with ideas, writing them down and sometimes turning those ideas into creations. He once even built a 5" tall, fully functional guillotine for a book report on the French Revolution. At the age of 16, Eric began Easels Creations, a start-up born from his love of woodworking in his father's garage, where he designed and made decorative and functional easels for businesses, students, and artists. Seeing the success of his small company while still in high school, Eric realized the possibilities related to designing, making and selling things, which officially led to a lifelong passion for inventing. Throughout Eric's career, he explored many opportunities, including a brief stint as an actor and model; a second start-up, IDEA, inc., which supplied products and services to the local Oregon entertainment industry; and his current position as vice president of one of the largest commercial playground and outdoor recreation rep companies in the country. Even still, the inventing bug never left Eric, who continued to invent on the side as a hobby, creating a portfolio of 90+ ideas. In 2009, things would take a turn and inventing would become more than just a hobby. Eric, with his portfolio in tow, attended a Las Vegas inventor convention, where the featured speaker was <b>…</b>