Do you have a lathe in your home shop?

Craig Larson Asked: Do you have a lathe in your home shop?

If you do, how much did it cost and how old is it?Do you have the woodworking tools for it?What have you made with it?


Allen Johndavid Answered:
>This must be a real tough question for the DIY type people who should know how to use power tools.Yes, I have a lathe in my shop, and the tools and I turn things mainly to make furniture, like tables and chairs.The lathe cost me like about $5000, here it is, thePowermatic 42"x24" Lathe, Model 4224

This is a real good deal if you want a PROFESSIONAL one like I have.

Jim W Answered:
Yes i have one. It cost me $20 a 6"x24"Craftsman about 50 years old without a motor.I'm making handles for my lathe tools at this time from Cherry that I have in the shop.I also got a Montgomery Ward, 8"x30"for $15 also without the motor. Both areV belt drive.

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