Can I replace the nut on my guitar?

Max Asked: Can I replace the nut on my guitar?

I have gibson les paul studio and am in need of a nut replacement. I was wondering if it is possible to replace MYSELF (i am a teenager and therefore have little to no woodworking skills with guitars) or if I should take it to the local guitar repair shop. thanks for your help and advise!


gordo Answered:
You should be able to replace it yourself.Your local guitar shop should have what you need.Take your guitar with you when you go there.

TommyMc Answered:
It can be done at home.I've done it myself…in fact I made a brass one from a blank piece of scrap. It's not rocket science, but it requires patience and a little skill with tools. The fact that you have no woodworking skills should be the deciding factor. I recommend that you bring it to a guitar repair shop and have it done right.

There's more involved than simply fitting in a new nut. Once the nut is fitted into position, the slots need to be filed to the proper depth.This is one of the things that affects your action.Even on a nut that has pre-cut slots, the final adjustment is necessary. You need a set of small files, a steady hand, and patience.

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