Build a workshop in a living room condo?

Victor G Asked: Build a workshop in a living room condo?

i have a 1 bedroom condo with a living room. There is no furniture there. So the space is empty and opens onto a small patio. I wish to make a small workshop here where i can work on some small scale woodworking projects. it would be nice to enclose a section of the living room and make the workshop there so the tools are not an eyesore to the guest.
How do I go about this? like…create an enclosure with a door inside the living room that would be like a curtain mostly


John M Answered:
For your first project, build a work bench that tilts out, similar to a murphy bed, but has legs that fold down to hold it at workbench height when open.Cover the bench when folded up with a good quality cover made of smooth plywood with a stain finish that matches the rest of the woodwork or provides an attractive contrast.If you use 1/4 CDX plywood or a similar product, you can make a box that is light weight that you can lift off the closed bench before you open it up.Store tools in a cabinet built below the folded bench.

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