Anyone here into woodworking?

psych78 Asked: Anyone here into woodworking?

I've just started woodworking as a hobby and am picking up as many resources as possible.

If anyone else here is into woodworking do you know of any good woodworking websites that has lots of good tips, plans,etc.

I've found a few so far but am always on the lookout for other sources of info. Also how would I go about finding any woodwork clubs in my area? Is there such a thing in the UK?


Duke D Answered:
Get Workbench magazine if you can but they also have a website.All kinds of projects and project help.You might also look into the Handyman Club of America…they deal with more than woodworking but it is inexpensive to join and you get a magazine monthly and have access to the website for technical help.If you are going to finish woodworking projects, (stain,etc.) go to Minwax.comThey are very good about giving tips on materials and "how-to" for finishing.

Elliott M Answered:
yes and How to do it .com

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